The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Delta Sigma chapter

Tri Delta is an assembly of women with shared values where you can be yourself and belong to something bigger. We are brave, bold and kind. We are passionate about serving others, committed to becoming the best version of ourselves and dedicated to helping women live, learn and lead – with Purpose – for a lifetime.




A letter from the President

Hello all! My name is Cami Kinser and I have the greatest honor in serving Delta Sigma as the Collegiate Chapter President. I am from Nashville, TN & I am an advertising major with a double minor in graphic design and business & I plan to go to law school after graduation! I have an older brother who is my best friend, my dad who is my rock, and my mom who unconditionally supports and believes in me. 

I grew up coming to game days on Rocky top, so making the choice to come to UTK was quite easy after COVID-19 hit. Knoxville felt like a home away from home &  my love for the community has just continued to grow over the past few years! 
When I decided to Go Greek at the University of Tennessee I knew I was committing to finding lifelong friends and relationships that I have envied my entire life. My mom and dad were very involved in their greek life experiences in college, and I saw what those relationships meant to them. I loved highschool, but you get what you're given, so finding my college friends I knew I would find peers who shared the same values which would lead to the next level of relationships I was in need of. I saw how much Greek life changed my parents lives, and knew I wanted to be a part of something similar. 

Being from Nashville, it was hard to keep an open mind through recruitment. However, this process is meant for no one but yourself - and you get out what you give in - so I committed my recruitment experience to be unhinged by any opinions other than my own. 

Delta Delta Delta, the moment I opened my bid card, has meant so much more to me than a sorority or sisterhood. It has shown me what it means to have relationships that are built based on nothing but the virtue of selflessness and support. The act of supporting sisters around you and being kind and alike to all. To unconditionally support and believe in one another. Most importantly, be there for each other on the days that aren't so glamorous or aesthetic. The days that saying nothing is better than saying something, but knowing the silence is there as loyalty. The days that the little giggles make a bad day a good day, and the smiles, hugs and cuddles that showcase the little things are just as great as the big ones. 

Yet being involved in a chapter this size, it's no secret to acknowledge the fact that knowing everyone's name is a little short of impossible. So there are still relationships I have found each year of college where I consider them a lifelong friend. From women older than me, younger than me, and even on my PC, somehow Tri Delta surprises me by putting more women in my life who love me, for ME. 

& Of course, Tri Delta isn’t Tri Delta with the shared heart for philanthropy of St.Jude Children's Research Hospital. Being from Tennessee, I grew up knowing the everlasting impact of St.Jude 3 hours away from my hometown. Childhood cancer is something I am no stranger to. From the age of ten, I started to understand that life is a blessing, and a healthy life is a privilege. So when you are given this privilege, it should be one's mission to continue to give back - while you are still able to. From a multitude of raising awareness all through middle and highschool, childhood cancer is one of my lifelong passions. This heart for others is something that I admire about Tri Delta. Each member, once they opened their bid card, has made the commitment to serve a mission bigger than themselves, to commit their lives to being better each and every day.
I have so much pride being able to represent Tri Delta as a collegiate woman. I hope to give and serve this sisterhood the way it has done for me. This community is here for each other, to uplift and to empower. I am so excited to serve as the next Collegiate Chapter President and see where this chapter grows! 

Delta Love and More, 
Cami Kinser


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